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43 years old
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
United States
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.:Many people have already seen this, but I still like it:.

.:Best watched in HQ Full Screen:.

Babies Gone Wild!!!


.:No, I haven't written any yet.....stay tuned!!!! LOL:.

.:How about a poem I wrote. This is my version/tribute to Dr. Seuss:.

Lopsided Luke the resident kook is making his lemonade.

He does not like it tart or sour,
He does not like it in the shower.
He doesn't like it in a glass,
He doesn't like it while eating bass.

Hail to lemons, down with limes.
Down with all these silly rhymes.

Lemon one, lemon two,
lemon three is in his shoe.

Squish, mash, he makes some cash,
selling his lemonade.

Step right up and have a cup,
Drop a coin in the can.
It will clink,
It will clatter,
It will tink, tink, tink.

When it tinks you can drink,
without going to the clink.

Lopsided Luke the resident kook is making his lemonade.

.:I LOVE Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time:.

.:Play Games Here:.

Alchemy   Crazy Coffer   Bounce Back   Air Fox   Bank Robbery   Beach Bobbing Bob
Gyro Ball   Spank The MonkeyTetris   Pinheadz   Meat Grill   Samorost

Poppit! Stress Buster

Who wants to be a Millionaire


.:I am an owner of JukeZoo.com. Mainly I do graphics for the site:.

.:I have two awesome teens, a smart and handsome 18 year old son in college, and a 17 year old beautiful and independent daughter:.

.:For 6 years I was an active homebuilder. Previously I stayed home with the children with exception of the extensive volunteer work I contributed to their school:.

.:Currently I teach Photoshop and Basic Computing to adults:.

.:I also love animals, especially dogs. I've rescued a few and would encourage everyone looking for a furry friend to adopt:.

.:I am a roller coaster demon as well. I have traveled all over the U.S. to ride new coasters:.

.:The best roller coaster park in the U.S. is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. If you love coasters, it's the ultimate park to visit:.

.:Currently I am obsessed with Photoshop and spend most of my time messing with it:.

.:I also enjoy listening to music, cooking, playing games and running around town in my little dune buggy:.

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From: MojoSonata
04/06/2010 21:53:41

Just stopping to say hello.  Hope JukeZoo is doing well!

From: Julian
02/20/2010 13:05:54
Happy BIrth day young lady

And many more

From: Floodcar
10/13/2009 20:10:59

Throwing a show at the Oilers Ice Center in Tulsa Ok on Oct 17, show starts at 8pm its five dollars to get in. You should come check it out.

From: KellyKrunkkk
07/23/2009 16:25:39

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From: Ringo1
07/18/2009 09:14:24

Thanks for coming to our show last night.  It was really great
having the Zoo there to support us.  I hope you had fun.  I
posted a bulletin about the show on JZ.  Thanks Again for your
support...Have a kick ass weekend !

Talk to ya' soon,


From: MojoSonata
07/09/2009 23:13:04

Hey, R-glide!  Is that profile pic an arty version of the actual YOU?  Pretty cool!  I think your poem is great!


From: KellyKrunkkk
07/08/2009 23:44:14

your profile reminds me of a drug addict hahaha.

im just kidding, but your background actually is really cool :)

thats weird for a mommy. hah.

your so up to date :)

From: Happy-Hazard
07/07/2009 10:16:25

Haha. Thanks. ^^ So is yours. :]

From: MojoSonata
06/22/2009 15:26:22

Hey retroglide,

When I was chatting with you last night on the 2 to 2 Blues Jam live webcast, I said something about how your hair would be in curlers when we actually meet.  I thought your profile image had curlers, but, now I see that it is some space-age modern hairdo.  Cool!  I'm not really insane.



From: D-Tone
04/14/2009 18:58:38

that would be cool. And thank you. i like your background as well

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